Q. When can I register my child?

A. As soon as possible after birth.

Q. Is there a registration fee and is it refundable?

A. The registration fee is £200 which consists of a £50 deposit (which is non-refundable) and £150 registration fee (refundable in your child’s last term at Kew Montessori).

Q. If my child attends Kew Montessori do they get priority for entry to Broomfield?

A. Yes. We give priority to children of existing Broomfield families, children and grandchildren of former Broomfield pupils and to the pupils who currently attend Kew Montessori.

Q. Does my child need to be toilet trained before starting nursery?

A. No. We are happy to take children before they are toilet trained. For more information on toilet training, please click here.

Q. Do you take Nursery vouchers?

A. Yes. We are registered with the London Borough of Richmond to take nursery vouchers for 3 & 4 year olds.

Q. Do you run holiday clubs?

A. Yes we run a Kew Montessori class at the Broomfield House School Holiday club for a week at Christmas and Easter, and two weeks in the Summer.

Q. If someone else is picking up my child what do I do?

A. Please tell the teachers or the school office who will make a note of this.

Q. How can parents get involved in Kew Montessori?

A. They can be part of the Kew Montessori Parents’ Group which has regular coffee mornings and social evenings.

Q. At what age can children join Broomfield House School?

A. Our main intake is into Pre-Kindergarten when children are three years’ old and Kindergarten at four years’ old. Occasional places may become available higher up the school. Please call the school office if you are interested in a place for an older child.