Fees for academic year 2020/2021


Half day sessions per week, per term:

A half day session is 3 hours per day.

2-            £1142

3-            £1586

4-            £1789

5-            £2106

6-            £2526

7-            £2946

8-            £3366

9-            £3786

10-          £4206


Lunch club: £21 per session (12.15-2pm)


When children enter the school at the age of two we are happy for them to begin their Montessori education at Kew Montessori with three or more sessions per week. As soon as a child is three (the term after their third birthday) and is in receipt of the Early Education Funding they will normally be expected to attend a minimum of five sessions per week. This is at the discretion of the Headteacher.