Digital Parenting

We’re a Digital School! Free training for parents

Kew Montessori is part of Parent Zone’s Digital Schools membership programme, demonstrating our commitment to keeping our pupils safe online, and making sure we work with our families and the whole school community to achieve this.

Digital Schools membership includes access to Parent Zone’s online digital parenting course, ‘Parenting in the Digital Age’. This short course gives you straightforward information and advice on how to manage and feel confident about your child’s online world. To access the free courses you will need to register with Parent Zone; an email about this has been sent out to parents but please contact the school office if you need a reminder.

Once you have registered you will be able to access the ‘Parenting in the Digital Age’ course at this link: Click here.

Welcome to Digidog

Digidog helps us to stay safe online and works with children at Kew Montessori. Digidog acts as a link between school and home to create a strong partnership between us to protect our children in the ever-changing online world.

Digidog sniffs out great ideas and tips to help you keep your children aware of online safety. Digidog will visit your home and your child will need to protect him, encouraging you all to think about what is safe to do and what is not okay.